Q: Do you do tuning?
A: Yes we do. We tune using the Cobb Accessport, Opensource product, AEM , Hydra, and many other platforms. We have an AWD dynojet dynamometer. Tuning rates start at $650. Tunes typically take 3-4 hours, but stand alone engine management systems will usually require leaving the car for a day or two.

Q: What is engine management?

A: Engine management is a device or software that allows us to tune the car. Sometimes it is a cable and software that allows us to modify the mapping on the factory computer, or it can be a standalone device that replaces the factory computer. There are also “piggyback” units that work in conjunction with the factory computer. The Cobb Accessport, Tactrix cable and opensource, and ecutek are examples of factory ecu tuning. The AEM, Hydra, Motec and Link G4 are examples of standalone engine management systems. A UTEC is an example of a piggyback. Most big power cars will need standalone systems to properly handle tuning.

Q: If my car cannot be tuned because there is something wrong with it, do I still have to pay?

A: Yes. There is a pre-tune checklist on the website for you to do before tuning. You are basically renting the dyno for a period of time. The tuning deposits are non refundable. We will work with you on the price when the car is ready to be retuned, but you are responsible for the tuning charges on the day you were to be tuned.

Q: Do you do regular work as well as performance work?
A: Yes! We can do anything from oil changes, timing belts, struts and coolant services to engine rebuilding, transmission rebuilding, custom fabrication and tuning. We do not do bodywork, state inspections, or alignments.

Q: My car is making a noise, isn’t running right, or wont start. Do you know what it could be?
A: We cannot diagnose your car over the phone. There are literally dozens of possible causes for something not working correctly on your car. Give us a call, schedule an appointment and let us properly diagnose your car for you.

Q: If I put these parts on my car, how much power will I make?
A: There is no set amount of HP that you will make by adding parts on your car. Tuning maximizes the potential of the parts you are installing, but all cars are different. 2 cars with the identical parts will not always make identical power.  Properly selected and installed parts, with a proper tune will net you a large improvement over stock. There is more to tuning then showing you a number.

Q: How much power will my 5 speed handle safely?
A: That is a very difficult question. The Subaru 5 speed is a very good transmission, but it does have its limitations. Launching the car at the track, side stepping the clutch or other wise “beating” on the transmission will certainly lead to failure. As far as a number is concerned, anything or 325whp is pushing the transmission.

Q: I saw a guy on the internet make 500whp on his stock engine. Can you do that?
A: Sure. It will not last for very long though. We have actually made much more than that, but you are pushing the factory parts far beyond their design limits. It is not a smart thing to do, and we would not recommend doing it. You should have us build you an engine that is actually designed to handle the power.

Q: Can you tune cars other than Subaru?
A: Yes. As long as we approve of the engine management you are using, we can tune most cars.

Q: Can I hang out in the shop and watch the guys work on the cars?

A: No. Our insurance company will not allow it. You can certainly check on things now and then, but we have a nice waiting area with couches, a Wii, cable, a big screen and a dvd player. There is also wireless internet available throughout the building. You are welcome to watch your dyno session from a safe distance in the back of the shop.

Q: I like the sound blow of valves make, which one do you recommend?

A: None. We suggest staying with the factory blow off valve as long as possible.  Once you have moved to a front mount intercooler, we suggest the Turbosmart 50.

Q: Will you install parts if I bring them?
A: Yes, there is a different labor rate when we are installing parts that you bring. There are some brands of parts that we will not install, so please email or call to verify. It is your responsibility to insure that the parts to be installed are correct and complete. Fitment issues due to incorrectly brought parts, or incomplete parts packages will result in additional labor costs. If it doesn’t fit and we have to reinstall the stock parts, you are still responsible for the labor charges.

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